June 26, 2007

"People of Earth"

You are fucked.
It will be compulsory for each household to keep a genetically-enhanced monkey with cyborg-technology surveillance devices embedded beneath their fur. You may carry on your everyday business as usual (for now), safe in the knowledge that Chimp Empire Inc. is benignly gathering data on your habits in order to ensure the most specific monkey products are advertised to the most relevant consumers.
Rumours that the monkey spies are rigged with C4 explosive are rigorously denied.
So you think I'm kidding, eh?
Cop this:
"...by combining currently available high-resolution imagery, geospatial data (e.g., parcel data or structure data), and other related online data sources (e.g., property tax data or census data), it is possible to automatically generate highly targeted direct marketing leads for a variety of markets"
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Anonymous said...

C4 Monkey. Great band name.