June 27, 2007

Before BB turned nasty

Observing how it has since become a sadistic freakshow rushing headlong to its first televised suicide, it is sobering to recall how relatively well received the first series of Big Brother was in the UK. There was the vague feeling that, back in 2001, it could be passed off as a social experiment. The housemates were relatively normal, not too young, and the "nastiest" character was vilified for being clever enough to manipulate the other inmates.
Without a clear memory of the first series, you might find some of this Star Wars BB spoof from Adam & Joe flying over your head, but I think it's still funny, even if you had forgotten about the great tableside confrontation of Nasty Nick, that annoying fella who always fed the chickens, and the hyperactive skinhead girl who liked to paint on walls.

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loulou said...

Thanks for posting this, have had a shite day and that was just what I needed! Classic.

FishNChimps said...

I knew it would do someone some good.