June 12, 2007

Turn to the dork side

This is so bloody awful but I love it. It's a bit like watching "Our Family" on BBC1, which my kids love, and is also cheesy, naff and slightly embarrassing to watch. That sitcom has had me snorting Pepsi out of my nose in an attempt to avoid laughing.
It's sacrilege to take the piss out of Darth Vader, but I'll tolerate it here. Woolworths is the working-class hardware store with middle England aspirations. Over the years its stock has become so varied that it doesn't know whether it's Arthur or Martha.
But it's still the first shop my own family visits on the high street for their odds and sods - DVDs, sweets, plants, stationery, lightsabres...
I'd say that BBH has just made the best ever Woolies ad.


Charles Edward Frith said...

It is terrific advertising no doubt about it. I'm guessing that the toaster is assembled somewhere really really cheap with a massively growing economy if its cheaper than a packet of fags.

But the ad is fab.

RFB said...

The final line was a well worth-it payoff.

Unknown said...

Haha, that was awesome. Loved the ending line.

bats :[ said...

I don't know that Vader is being pissed on here -- he's had to tolerate boobery like Tarkin and Tarkin's cronies. If he has to make beans on toast while biding his time, he's Sith Lord enough to do it.

Great commercial, and funnier than a lot of US sit-coms.