June 07, 2007

Guessing my way through "24", series 3

Having been converted to 24 by catching the bug during series 6, I’ve started watching it from the very beginning, on DVD. Right now, I’m up to episode 1, series – or “Day” – 3.
A particularly hard bit of this endeavour is trying to get longstanding fans to shut the hell up about what happens.
“Ooh, have you seen the bit where…?” What IS this power that people think they have when they already know the plot?
Day 6 has come to a close on Sky One, so it’s interesting to see the overlaps with Day 3.
Ep 1 is notable for the first appearance of Moany Faced Phone Girl, and she’s still a miserable-looking urk. But at least Jack’s giving her a hard time. This is a good thing.
Wayne Palmer. I liked him in Day 6, despite fans around me saying he’s weaker than his dead bro. Frankly, I’m tired of David Palmer’s Mufasa act and prefer his more complicated sibling.
JB’s duck-faced posh bird from Day 2 is there. I hope this dullard gets knocked on the head early.
I’m worried about Tony Almeida. He’s too happy in this first episode. Surely, he’s gonna die.
And Kim Bauer – actually in CTU!? Hardly the safest place, eh daddy? And just HOW old were you when you spawned this brat? This one’s gotta die. Shame, really. Nice norks.
There’s a monobrowed techie chap giving her a hard time. Knowing the character development tendencies of this drama, he’ll probably be a good guy by teatime.
And the whole terrorist-germ-warfare thing? That’ll evolve into a evil corporate plot sometime before midnight.

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Jetpacks said...

Jack goes into a coma midway through season 3. The rest of the season and the 3 subsequent seasons are all dreams he has while comatose.

And it turns out that his daughter Kim is really his son Ken, who likes to play dress up.

FishNChimps said...

nooooo !!!!