January 30, 2008

Ryanair's schoolgirl experiment

Vintage Aston Martin cars; Little fluffy Jack Russell puppies; France's military history; Attractive women wearing school uniform: God created all of these to ease the troubled minds of men. Sadly Ryanair, choosing to use one of these divine gifts in its advertising, still managed to fuck it up.
Observe Christina Aguilera's Lolita pose in a well-covered campaign for Skechers. It ran three years ago in mags such as Marie Claire, Mizz, Smash Hits and Sugar (amongst others), all of which have a high young-female readership. Some of these readers are of school age. It's copy-lite and arguably more provocative than Ryanair's effort. There's even a mean-looking Miss on hand to deliver a spanking. And yet, apart from many sniggering comments, the campaign passed by with nary a complaint.
The anonymous model saucing it up for Ryanair first appeared last year in the national press. It has just been banned by the ASA.
The only real difference between the two concepts is quality. The Skechers campaign didn't need words. Ryanair on the other hand sent its creative brief to the nearest boys' school and lo! ten minutes later the 6th form art department came up with this.
I'm not entirely on board with the ASA's reason for banning this. I'd have broomed it purely for being shite.

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The Kaiser said...

Carry on like this Chimp, and you'll have that booze riddled ad-dinosaur Parker submitted to Boise’s finest emergency department due to either a fucking heart attack or penile fracture.