January 29, 2008

Jan fug

You know how regular bloggers post stuff like "Sorry for not posting, but I've been soooo busy on pitches and shit"? That's what I'm doing here, except I've had a busy lunch diary, which means the important stuff (e.g. work) gets knocked back into the evenings.
Which means I don't have time to blog.
Which is making me so depressed that I recently resorted to ringing the Samaritans, except even they were so busy that they diverted me to their call centre in Karachi. When I told them that I was feeling suicidal they got very excited and asked if I could drive a truck.
Here's a cheeky upskirt ad from Japan, harvested from my Flickr reserve. Normal service to resume whenever.


George Parker said...

"I've had a busy lunch diary!" Oh fuck me... What's it like being the Paris Hilton of the ad biz. We know you just go down to the pub for a pint and a bag of pork rinds. As to your comment on AdScam about my FaceBook rant... You're dead right, I am getting really fed up with people wanting me to take fucking quizes and shit... Don't they know my lunch diary is full? And someone has just created a "someone wants to fuck you" app! It's the FBI guy I commented on in the Kiddie Porn post. Anyway, you'd never get on it... The fucking Kaiser would be monopolizing it!!!

Charles Frith said...

You can bet on George tipping up if its an upskirt shot. I noticed the same shot only a couple of weeks ago. Coincidence?


The Kaiser said...

Oi - Parker you sill old fart; you can't stay sober long enough to log into Facebook let alone use any fucking apps.

Dirty George. Dirty old George.

George Parker said...

We all know why you fucked up the Faris Yacob interview... Booze mate... Fucking booze. At least Chimp pretends he's got a full lunch diary. And Charles is doing Poster Porn in China. Be like me, Stay off the pilsner 'til the sun goes down... Then get hammered... But not while doing a PodNozzle!

FishNChimps said...

this is why the internet was invented

The Kaiser said...

Damn it George, that fucking hurts. Yeah, I fucked up the Faris interview. Yeah I was pissed.

Fucking Yeah!