January 23, 2008

Earth to shark: eat man on surf board

“It’s the tidgy guy with the big head! The tidgy guy!” laugh the chimplets, referring to the dimunitive star of the latest Halifax singing and dancing spectacle. The Boss scowls and swears. She vows never to darken the doors of a Halifax.
I chuckle.
I’ve been won over by these ridiculous extravaganzas where the bank’s own staff are plucked from their shortarse / lardarse office obscurity.
I remain amazed at how these amateurs manage to bury any feeling of self-consciousness and let rip. Have you ever seen a fat bloke dance? That’s why I don’t.
But while I laugh at them, I can’t help but feel a twinge of admiration. DLKW has been running these since 2001, and they’re constantly high in the ad recall tables. They must be doing something right, even if you do Google "Howard", "Halifax" and "Irritating" or "Annoying" and are overwhelmed by the petulant blog posts.
With the Halifax campaign you either shit or get off the pot.
Love or hate.
One complaint, though.
Halifax’s Hirohito lookalike.
Shark: eat him.

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