January 03, 2008

Gordon, get out of my F-ing face

In the last year Gordon Ramsay has appeared in TV ads for BT and the Blood Donor Service, and had his grumpy face on a press campaign for Gordon’s Gin (Gordon’s… geddit? Yes, I laughed so hard my spleen ripped). His Kitchen Nightmares and F-Word series are on perpetual loops on satellite telly, and his Hell’s Kitchen format is being flogged mercilessly in the USA.
He has also lost his top spot in the Good Food Guide, has been sued for non-payment of bills, has had his New York restaurant panned by the food critics, and has seen the end of his tenancy at the Mayfair Connaught.
His sweary aggression has been great fun to watch, but the Gordon Ramsay brand is starting to look a bit thin. A rumbustious public profile is telegenic only for so long… too much of it and you just start to look like a rude, self-parodying dick. Where will it end? Coming later this year: Gordon F-ing Ramsay in Panto.
It’s time to lay off the media and just concentrate on the bloody restaurants.
The last word goes to this brilliant piss-take from twobob:


RFB said...

rumbustious...I envy the Brits. My Department of Defense schooling deprived me of such vocabulary.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

I've been saving that word for months, ever since finding it lying neglected in an unappreciated corner of The Guardian. I nursed it back to health, taught it all I know, took it for mystical exercises on a lonely mountaintop and now, release it into the wild.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Arriving in the UK last year I couldn't figure out the obsession with him. Not far off the latest Razr ad the open and end of that clip.

Nick said...

This was one of the best laughs I had all year - for all his sweariness and decrying of "average", when asked in an Observer article what music would accompany his hypothetical last meal on earth his reply was "Keane's first album, Hopes And Fears."

Wow. Avant garde, visceral stuff there Gordo. Not terminally bland, slightly damp and wilfully ugly fourth-rate imitators of bland, third-rate Coldplay at all.