January 09, 2008

Off-topic: music for the chimplets

There's a solid musical division Chez Chimp: the girls like BGM* and the boys go for eclectic, often noisy stuff.
It was pleasing to see one of my favourite tunes rubbing off on the chimplets. They all have the following racket on their iPods. What's noteworthy is that their (actually quite different) tastes come together when a song has fast lyrics that tell a story (e.g. Nickelback's Rock Star). Kids are unembarrassed about belting out wordy songs and make an effort to learn them.
Heavyweight Champion of the World is by Reverend and the Makers, a band which has supported the Arctic Monkeys. Once upon a time, the Reverend himself was in the same band as two of the pre-Monkeys.
It's a dodgy video and Rev's isn't the greatest voice in the world, but the song is a terrific warning against making too many compromises when you're young. I get a warm fuzzy paternal feeling when explaining to the chimplets that their futures belong to them and that they shouldn't let others' mediocrities temper their talents.

*Bland girly mush

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