February 01, 2007

The Sun preaches

Noting The Sun's newly acquired credentials as a crusader against bigotry, I can't help but wonder why this Independent-style presentation from Tuesday's edition leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
A week after the race ruckus on Celebrity Big Brother, I wonder if The Sun is waving its new multi-coloured flag to distract attention away from the ugly bullying of the bullies. The three Brit girls who bullied the one Indian girl are intellectually incapable of defending themselves against the media onslaught, whereas their considerably more talented victim is destined to make a mint.
Besides, this Sun campaign is utter bollocks. Speaking as someone of mixed race, I'd accept this from another paper but not from the same rag that's been happily taking the piss out of the French and the Germans for decades.
Two weeks ago its sports pages featured a story about a Chinese snooker player. The headline was "Pot Noodle".


Make the logo bigger said...

"mixed race,"? All this time I thought you were mixed species (half-Fish, half-Chimp.)


FishNChimps said...

Half bonobo, half halibut