February 13, 2007

Link tarting

A quick mention for a clutch of emerging ad blogs that merit further perusal.
I'm trying to think - the thoughts of Chris Baylis, a creative working in digital advertising. A mean and moody profile pic, but a friendly voice. Reads Richard Dawkins, which makes Chris a top banana in my book.
Meme Huffer - Jason Lonsdale, a Kiwi strategic planner in a London agency. He strikes a perfect Hunter S. Thompson pose in his blog snap. The post Characters For An Epic Tale and book profile for the Hero And The Outlaw suggest a penchant for dissecting fantasy.
Alice in Adland - From Brazil: "Ana and Hermeti, yet another creative team trying to make it big in London". Don't do yourself down, ladies *correction* guys (in a non-gender specific way). The Alice vibe hits the spot with me - along with Penelope Pitstop's bondage adventures with the Hooded Claw, I used to find all that disappearing down holes strangely moving. When I was five.
Advertising Pawn - geddit? Yep, it's an ad pr0n site. With opinions!

And finally, not an ad blog but the trials and tribulations of one of my old school mates who's part DJ, part teacher, part actor and full-time good-time boy. From just outside Barcelona, it's Goode Thing, reminding me that there's more to life than sitting on your arse in an office.


Jason said...

Hey, thanks for the chimp-love!

peace and bananas,


analux said...

does this mean we're famous now?
thanks for the link!
and hermeti would like to clarify that he is a male chimp. although his is a tricky name to figure even for brazilian monkeys.
a (in adland)

FishNChimps said...

Whoops! Thanks analux and sorry Hermeti, sir. I guess I was getting carried away by the thought of two creative Brazilian women.
Good luck with your pursuit of happiness in the UK.