February 13, 2007

Fashion labels

One of my little workplace pleasures is sipping coffee poured by a scantily clad monkey girl whilst perusing the fashion ads in GQ and wondering what the clothes say about the guys wearing them.

Diesel: cool sex beast

Prada: scruffy bohemian

Bally: German student and campus drug dealer

D&G: Don’t Fuck With Us Misogynists

Ben Sherman: Tough guy chav chic

Jil Sander: Twat

For more life through a GQ lens:
How to get beaten up in London
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Lisa Breslin said...

I love it. Some poor guy out there has probably just spent a lot of money to look like a twat. Won't be the first time mind you, or the last.
I found this site yesterday through the MediaWasp blog http://www.stylesniper.blogspot.com/ - see what you think of some of these guys

Northern Planner said...

Or collectively, 'How to get beaten up in the pub'

Make the logo bigger said...

Not just the pub, but growing up as well.

greencan said...

the Diesel model is probably too young for me, but he is HOT! Definitely sexy material...you hit the nail on the head with the drug dealer and D&G!

FishNChimps said...

greencan, re the diesel guy: seeing as I am about 14% gay, I agree.