February 23, 2007

All hail The Scamp

Scamp's blog is pretty much compulsory reading for anyone following the UK ad scene - his Tuesday Tips are a terrific insight into what makes Creatives tick.
Seemingly a glutton for punishment, he's now picking up the baton originally held by the Beyond Madison Avenue blog: the compilation of the Ad Blog charts.
His first chart reveals that Scamp is the UK's no.1 blog by an ad Creative, which isn't really surprising.
Just in case you were worrying that this post was being a little too altruistic, my purpose is revealed when I point out that CMM News remains the world's 20th most popular ad blog. My glorious stagnation is partly due to a hard-core 200 regular readers, and several thousand ad hoc perverts who continue to visit my months-old spanking insurance ad story.
Several other ad bloggers have commented on how their hit rates increase whenever they include sex-related terms in their posts. For example, if I were to mention breasts, blow-jobs, cunnilingus or nuns, then I'll have earned this post a couple of thousand hits.
Terrible, isn't it.


Make the logo bigger said...

Search-friendly terms that work every single time: “ breasts, blow-jobs, cunnilingus or nuns.”

(Here in the states just add: Tom Cruise teen porn.)

Doug said...

nice rankage FNC... go to see the monkey flag is still flying high around the world