February 28, 2007


Lynx advertising veers between the predictable and the bizarre. Thankfully, the latest spot from BBH is the latter.
Some of the more recent work for this brand has started to display a touch more maturity while keeping the joyful adolescent spirit alive. I just love this one.

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RFB said...

Not much makes me laugh in the body spray ad mix. This one did.

And I think BomChickaWahwah will be entering the lexicon forthwith.

Traderscout said...

jetpacks, I'm sure you are right about BomChickaWahWah!



RFB said...

Yeah, Arthur, but hearing it in German, it loses some of its funky roots.

I expect to hear it in some teen movie or sitcom before long.

George Parker said...

Very funny... But wouldn't it be great if someone could actually come up with a cologne concept that wasn't... "Spray this on, get laid?" But then again, I suppose the wankers that buy this shit actually believe it will happen to them. That's why we keep seeing the same crap, year after year. God, advertising is so predictable!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go buy me some right now!


Fuck. Just got back from the store. All they had was the version for pets.

Saria said...

HILARIOUS! Are there any more??

I love the idea of hearing in in German--do they even know where that music is from, I wonder?

George Parker--I think Lynx was the first bodyspray at least to use that as their positioning, so you can't blame them. At least this ad is ridiculous and not so serious though.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

George, you're absolutely right, but the target market for Lynx is the adolescent who is only interested in navigating his pork boat into the first available port.

RFB said...

George: It's always been this way, from Old Spice and High Karate in the 60s and 70s to Axe, Tag and Lynx today. Use it - Get Laid. There are two differences now: whereas men once splashed cologne on their faces, they are now encouraged to douse their chests, legs and dongs as well.

Also, the target used to be men, whereas now, as Chimp points out, it's adolescent meat beaters.

Will said...

Pork boat in the first available port. Genius.

Just so long as they aren't saying hello to madame palm and her five lovely daughters.

Liked the ad.

Napoleon Creative said...

Good ad, good catch phrase... is there a longer version...?