March 28, 2007

There's a world in my navel

I'm feeling an irrational urge to react to the spasm of navel gazing that is currently shivering through the world of ad blogs. I've posted 480 times and am just under a month away from my first anniversary. So expect a mega piece of self-absorbed ego boosting there. Like it matters.
I can safely say that at least 96% of posts here were shit. I don't know what I've learnt, other than I can't be arsed to correct my grammar and I have a turgid style that could be improved if I drafted my posts.
I've tried to avoid some things: repeating other bloggers' posts; using "I" too many times (except for this post); revealing my identity so that my agency doesn't fire me; swearing (sorry but am failing on that one).
I'm trying to amuse myself by doing this and don't have the patience to write truly insightful stuff, although there'll be another blog along soon that might just be that fucking good.
Wooo, and this has truly been an awful post.
I'm writing this at ten minutes to midnight. You can probably tell.

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the_average_bear said...

Navel gazing. Blogging. I think the two are pretty interchangeable sometimes. Well done on the year of top blogging, keep up the good work. (BTW. still not convinced about Bom Chicka Wah Wah so the arse hair is still there.)

FishNChimps said...

Ha! cheers. What's happened to your blog?