March 27, 2007

Targeting one-handed boys only

Complaints about a new web campaign to recruit sperm donors strike me as a little odd. The site has a provocative name and is splattered with image of chesty girls summoning the priapic hordes to donate some of that surplus jizz for a good cause.
The Guardian reports that parents and potential parents find the campaign “offensive and that it risks perpetuating the tacky stereotype of donors they have fought to dispel.”
Maybe these complaining “parents” have too-high aspirations for the source of the coveted sperm. Perhaps they think the campaign should target mature professors quietly knocking one off in a leather armchair to the sound of a grandfather clock, or successful Alan Sugar types discretely locking the boardroom door with a box of scented baby-wipes, in which case yes, the campaign is wrong.
But the richest supply is in the hands of ten-wanks-a-day teenage boys who will not respond to a clinical campaign. These guys will be readers of Nuts, FHM and Loaded. Buxom sirens and cheap hand-shandy jokes are part of their world. I’d say the campaign is bang on the money.

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