December 12, 2006

Land Rover rides over the numpties

At first glance, you see some posh totty, her expensive dress spattered with mud, and the Land Rover logo at the bottom. The presence of mud might imply some kind of upper-class rumpy pumpy in the hay with the threat of an irate lord horsewhipping the bounder who's squiring his daughter.
I liked this ad on Sunday morning, and liked it even more come the evening. The model is one Zara Phillips, aged 25 and an accomplished equestrian. She’s a damn fine looking woman who is naturally rather posh. On Sunday night she became the BBC Sports Personality of The Year.
Her grandmother also happens to be the Queen of England.
The Land Rover brand represents unattainability for most of the hoi polloi. There are few people who could afford a new Land Rover, and even fewer who’d get within sniffing distance of Zara Phillips, an outdoorsy girl who most certainly uses the full 4x4 function when riding over the peasants on her mum’s estates.
The ad projects just the kind of image Land Rover has been trying to cast – rugged and classy.
For me, the real pay-off came with Sunday’s BBC award to Phillips. The award is decided by viewers, so I was somewhat surprised by the pragmatism that saw them avoid the class envy that afflicts so many Britons.
Of course, it could be that they are too thick to realise that Phillips is royalty, but I doubt it. I prefer to believe that it’s the same young generation of text voters who participate in the reality TV polls who voted on Sunday. My view is strenghtened by my observation of the wonderful numptyism displayed by those who then moaned on the radio about the result (most of them sounded middle-aged).
You can get a flavour of it here, in the BBC article about the award. These are the same type of people who moan about 4x4s being driven in towns. I generally sympathise with those who say these cars are too big for our crowded roads, but I reckon the driving motive behind most of these complaints is envy.
The thought of Zara, resplendent in her muddy dress, neighing like a horse at the mighty vibrations as the Land Rover charges down Numpty High Street splattering the outraged unwashed plebs, is too joyous to bear.

Agency: RKCR/Y&R


Alvin said...

This is quite simply the finest post of 2006. God bless the Queen.

onewomanrunning said...

I think this is great. It's a good (ish) add and if the Royal family can earn money elsewhere then we don't need to pay them a wage. So I'm looking forward to seeing Prince Philip doing stand-up, the Queen advertising for Saga, and Prince Harry on some kind of Royalty love island reality show.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Prince Harry is already on some kind of Royalty love island reality show. It's called the British Army.

What's notable about Zara is that she isn't on the civil list, i.e. she's not paid by the state. Her achievements are her own.

onewomanrunning said...

That's even better - and shame on the ones who are for not being go-getters.

Prince Harry - yes, indeed. Maybe we should make him live on the dole for a year?