December 21, 2006

Bagged and tagged

I’ve been roped into a meme which really is me me me (see what I did there?). This one’s a form of playground kiss-chase where you get tagged by another blogger. The idea is you then divulge five facts about yourself, and then tag five others.
Because I have been tagged twice (by Doug and OneWomanRunning), and I am vain, I proffer ten FishNChimps factoids.

1. I am allergic to avocado and lobster.
2. Although I have never seen him, I believe that Professor Richard Dawkins exists.
3. My children believe that I am a retired Jedi Knight and that I control Big Terry, the friendly robot who defends London from flying saucers.
4. As a teenager I was diagnosed as being moderately dyscalculaic.
5. I lost control when skiing and knocked a line of fellow students off a (low) cliff.
6. A hamster put me in hospital.
7. A school trip to a museum ended abruptly when I foiled one of the interactive exhibits, and broke it. The party was thrown out and the school was banned from visiting ever again.
8. Steve Ovett told me to fuck off.
9. I am descended from a pirate who eventually rose to command a fleet in the Greek War of Independence.
10. A television fell on my head

(One of the above is a lie)

I’m tagging the following bloggers, although I’m aware that some of you may be uncomfortable with the pyramid/chainletter vibe going on here. One reason I went along with this is that I see blogging as a community thing and sometimes it's good to spread some love around.
As I am a self-deified atheist, I will happily take on any bad mojo that you feel might come your way if you don’t want to join in.

Jetpacks – apart from having the best title for an ad blog, I’d like to see if this quirky commentator is as rednecked as his geographic location might suggest.
Scamp – will the most prolific creative currently blogging in the UK stoop so low as to play this game?
Bill Green – because the Make The Logo Bigger guru occasionally voyages into off-topic weirdness, which is good.
The MonkeyWatch blogger because I need to know more about the person spying on my monkey troops, and for writing gems like "The habits of various animals disposing of their dung is considered."
And finally greencan – because of the fine argument we had during one of copyranter’s posts, and for having a blog post that begins with the words “All I could think about was wrapping my lips around his cock”.

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Jetpacks said...

"Laugh while you can, Monkey Boy!"

(obscure movie quote - first one to guess it gets a chimp in their stocking)

Make the logo bigger said...

I will partake in this game, but know this: I pledge to you now that I will never begin a post the way greencan did. Ever. Like, gun-to-my-head ever.

onewomanrunning said...

I love the one about the hamster and the ski line.

I reckon the school trip one has to be fake - surely no museum would throw out a bunch of school kids eager to learn? Wouldn't they just make the council or your parents pay for it.

As for kiss chase, I was the faster runner in my class, never got caught unless I wanted to, didn't get put in the dungeon unless I wanted to either. Speed has certain freedoms.

Doug said...

genius. i really hope #8 is true. there's a real alan partridge edge to it.

Scamp said...

Yes, No.8 was my favourite too. Genius.

FishNChimps said...

7 and 8 are true.

Monkey Boy = King Kong?

Make the logo bigger said...

Injuries to head are shaping up to be a common theme. That's one I listed as well.

Make the logo bigger said...

The movie in question has Jeff Goldblum in it, no? ;-p

Jetpacks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FishNChimps said...

Crystal Palace sports centre, c. sometime in the '80s: Upon entering the changing rooms after a hard knockabout karate lesson, Mr Ovett (running in a big athletics tournament) passed me.
He always looked like a miserable git, so it would have been hard to tell whether he was genuinely rancourous or whether he was in his pre-race "zone".

I nodded and uttered "a'right mate?".

The response: "Fuck off".


Jetpacks said...

Yes on Goldblum - no on King Kong

Doug said...

my opinion of Steve Ovett has plummeted. In fact, this distressing revelation may impinge on my enjoyment of the festive season

onewomanrunning said...

Is it the one about the pirates?

greencan said...

What happened to the hampster?

mtlb: never say never (or "ever" in your case :)

FishNChimps said...

The hamster bit off the tip of my finger. Although traumatic at the time, the tale became part of my pulling repertoire in my early teenage years.
I still have the scar.

Make the logo bigger said...

fish - The tip? Just how big was that hamster anyway?

greencan - ever.


Jetpacks said...

The movie was Buckaroo Banzai (Across the 8th Dimension, or something like that). The line was uttered by John Lithgow in the role of Dr. Emilio Lizardo. A very quirky film that may not stand the test of time. Peter Weller plays Buckaroo Banzai, a nuerosurgeon/rockstar/adventurer. Early 80s. Bad costumes.

Make the logo bigger said...

jetpacks - speaking of costumes, notice the uncanny resemblance – homage as GP might say - to the costuming of Pee Wee’s playhouse here.