December 11, 2006

I am going to hell

Three pairs of feet thundering up the stairs is the reaction to my sudden, gut-hurting guffaw. By the time the chimplets have charged through the door, I have tabbed to a different window because it would be wrong, so wrong, to show them why I was laughing.
While the Queen of the Chimp Mansion is watching B-list celebs sail around a dance floor (zzzz) I'm trawling through the bulletin boards of b3ta, where someone has noticed a terrible juxtaposition.
There's a theory that humour is good gauge of prejudice. You can control your reactions to anything upon which you have an opinion, to the point where, over time, you can change your own prejudice. But humour is different. Something can hit you from left-field, catching you unawares and, no matter what your views on the subject being lampooned, you will laugh. Even if you feel ashamed afterwards.
The BBC recently aired a TV programme about a very unfortunate teenager with an obvious and debilitating problem. To understand the mirth, see this screenshot of the rotating banners at the bottom of the page.
Bad. Bad. Bad.

Spotted on b3ta

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onewomanrunning said...

Hang your head in shame. Or at least do as it says!

FishNChimps said...

In a sense, I already do as the banner says and have adopted a blob. In fact, seven blobs and their cats. I'm paying for my workshy neighbours and their fat kids whose benefit payouts earn them at least five takeaway dinners a week, a 40 inch plasma screen, satellite TV, three PS2s and a holiday in Greece every year.

onewomanrunning said...

Lol, so you're not bitter then? Why don't you move in with them? Claim your stake or start a family of your own and live off the state. Call it a social experiment.

FishNChimps said...

Aha, well there's the rub. I have spawned 3 already, and have committed the unforgivable sin of not objecting to the the lady boss remaining at home to raise them. For this crime alone, I pay more tax and she receives less. Yet materially, the pikeys next door are better off.