November 12, 2007

Just like any day in Manchester

It's such a shame this never was aired. It has three incendiary elements which, when combined, mean that the ad almost writes itself: a petrol station, a surly chav oik and Harvey Keitel.
One can imagine Texaco execs horrified at the extremely negative image implied on the brand by this remarkable work. Oh yes, and the thought that it's OK to reward bad service by blowing something up.


Jetpacks said...

Surly chav oik.

I rely on you for my regular Brit slang lessons.

Great piece.

richard.hayter said...

I was lucky enough to see the whole campaign before it was pulled a few years ago (about 7, I think). Really excellent work. Richard Huntingdon did the planning when he was with HHCL. I wonder if he was in the editing suite?

Chris said...

Who stole my idea?