November 09, 2007

Dance, monkey boys

Dancing chimps, part 1.

The boys from the mailroom celebrate a pay rise.

(See the original ad with surprisingly phallic logo)

Dancing chimps, part 2.

And in Man-Ches-Tuh, research groups interview the local youth.

(Non-Brits: Think Oasis, Stone Roses etc.)



Jetpacks said...

As a non-Brit, I can deduce that Londoners regard Manchesterians (Manchesterites? Manchestians?)as some sort subhuman species.

I note Ross Halfin always deriding "Northerners."

I now feel like I should never admit to a Londoner that I enjoyed a Stone Roses guitar riff once.

Michael said...

In Amsterdam we call 'm Mancunians...

FishNChimps said...

It's their own fault you know. Mancs invented The Monkey Dance.