November 22, 2007

England have nowt to shout about

So, England are out.
Frankly, I don't give a damn. That's because, being 75% Greek, I still have a team to cheer on at next year's European Championships.
The assumption that England have a divine right to qualify has always puzzled me because I could never understand what could possibly motivate complacent millionaires to win, especially when they're up against modestly-paid but passionate players from "little" countries.
I loved the irony this morning when this ad popped up just after the morning news. It's a prime example of the shit advertising on daytime telly (I'm off work this week to decorate Chimplet #2's bedroom), and has amazingly been around for three years. That's three years of annoying shouty woman haranguing smug git in fake courtroom. Sadly apt for those poor Anglo Saxons with injured pride. I doubt you could make a claim for it though.


Jetpacks said...

The earnestness with which these actors approach their "craft" is admirable. I've never seen such sincerity in a personal injury lawyer commercial.

You just know that lady does some theatre on the side.

Rob Mortimer said...

Thats why its been running so long. Those are pretty high production values for an injury lawyer ad.

Normally its just the ladder rental and BBC Paint Pot Sound Effect 3.