October 09, 2007

Making a monkey out of more creatives

Despite a shocking dress sense that frequently amuses, creatives have been proven to show mortal traits. I'd even go so far as to say that creatives can be normal. I love these guys, especially the ones shut away in their little bijou offices who show real enthusiasm when someone other than their immediate neighbours drop in.
When I praise their work, their little faces light up. That really makes my day. Come on you planners and account people - dontcha ever say anything nice to them, you miserable bastards?
I'm kind of getting the feeling that TV mentalist Derren Brown is becoming something like the dog that won't let go. I've heard that when a Bull Terrier has its death grip on some kid's leg, the only way to get it to unclamp its jaws is to stick a finger up its arse.
Here's Mr Brown, once again picking on ad creatives, this time repeating his UK telly trick on a pair of innocent US Saatchites. It's still fun to watch, but please stop being horrid to these people. Someone stop him before he does the same thing in other continents. Someone with a big finger, perhaps.

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Jetpacks said...

Amazing. Very well done.

Everyone's a copywriter - and everyone's as susceptible as the next person.