October 02, 2007

Go bunnies

Ask any crop farmer about bunnies and he'll describe them as vermin. I've seem many a good golf course destroyed by these evil little parasites. Why does popular culture portray them as cute and cuddly and sexy? Mice breed faster, after all, but I've yet to see Ann Summers stock a Manic Mouse.
I blame the women.
Rabbits are good eating, though.


onewomanrunning said...

They are cute and cuddly because of the ears and the fact that they hop a long. Mice aren't cute because you can't really cuddle them, they move too fast and they can hide very easily. I think it would be hard for a rabbit to hide itself down behind the fridge and startle you. You know where you are with rabbits. Besides, haven't you seen Bambi?

I'm not bothered by mice. I take you as I find you. You leave me alone, I'll leave you alone.

Rabbits definitely aren't sexy. I refuse to have anything to do with anything shaped like an animal/mammal that's allegedly for pleasure, eurgh. Gross.

FishNChimps said...


New York Punk said...

Because everyone's sex life sucks...people envy rabbits having constant sex, so Hugh Hefner wanted to rub it in and did what he did. You will too, living in California kinda makes you wanna crap around the world.