October 01, 2007

We rock too

OK, so Oz has big sky and fierce light, but their Bloody Hell campaign hiccups with this lazy ad. The matey irreverance of the campaign with its cheeky tagline hits the right tone - anyone who has worked with Aussies will know what I mean - and works well when showing the landscapes that are unique to that country.
Well, we have helicopters in England too, and some jolly nice rocks. These are off our south west coast.

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Rob Mortimer said...

Ah yes.
Mark Webbers commentson live tv after being knocked out the F1 yesterday by a rookie were "Kids, they fuck things up".

It is a poor ad.

FishNChimps said...


Stan Lee said...

Much more interesting is the fact that the rocks under the word 'chopper' were as tall as the others in the pic not that long ago. Then one day, without warning, it collapsed. Perhaps that's where they got the 'crafted for 20 million years' stuff from.