February 01, 2007

Update: the real horror behind BBC's Zardoz ident

Waaaay back in July '06 I noted the terror that BBC's digital TV ident had inflicted upon impressionable numpties. The vast, multi-headed visage loomed Zardoz-like over a Teletubbie landscape. Sensitive to the needs of the stupid, Auntie Beeb withdrew the ident.
But it was not forgotten. As this short clip reveals, the BBC head hid a darker secret...

(Clip from the BBC's time-travel current affairs series, Time Trumpet)

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Make the logo bigger said...

Why? I had just finished getting over that Zardoz reference. Now it'll take me until next July. Thanks.

I see your Zardoz and raise you a Logan's Run with a Space 1999 chaser.