February 02, 2007

Look who likes Frosties

So, the Mozzer would never sell out, eh? Working class hero Morrissey sings the Frosties ad.

Yeah yeah I know. But the fantasy works for me.

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Jetpacks said...

Photographer Ross Halfin reported on the Mojo awards a couple of years back, paying particular attention to His Worship:

"Pathetically the only person in the building with a bodyguard is Morrissey and an entourage of Sanctuary minions who follow him looking at the floor. He gets an award, says one word and leaves with his disciples. Phil Alexander (editor) is furious, "I'm gonna ask for it back! I didn't realise we were giving out the cunt award today"

Halfin subsequently took a serious verbal beating from an Army of disciples on the various Morrisey forums.

FishNChimps said...

Yes, he's a grumpy, mean old sod. Which is why I like him.
Blind worship ain't right though. Mozzer extremists ought to be shot.