February 06, 2007

Oh shit, not the Superbowl again

Ad twunts not living in the USA, like myself, have to avert our eyes from marketing events across the pond at this time of year. Yes, it's the fucking Superbowl with its fucking $90 billion per 5-second spot. Thank God the admirable Jetpack is rejecting the hype this year.
As a Brit, I appreciate the other big American celebration that is Independence Day. Yes, good king George handed over the lease in return for reruns of M*A*S*H and Friends in perpetuity, and the jolly Yanks could dress up as Red Indians and build Disneyland out of tea, or something like that.
But Superbowl is a cultural brick wall to me. I know that saying anything negative about the event to many Americans is like telling them that their mothers can't bake a decent pie and smell of weewee, but I simply don't get it. Not the sport, not the ads.
Is the Superbowl supposed to be a game or an ad festival?
Anyway, should I ever find myself locked in a hotel bedroom with just the Superbowl on the telly, I'd have to find something else to do to alleviate the boredom.


Make the logo bigger said...

It never started out that way, that’s the funny thing. It’s the only major American sport where the ads shown during the championship game get as much attention as the game itself.

mediawasp said...

It's all a bit too stop-start stop-start for me. But I might try turning myself into an elk, I think I have the perfect pair of gloves somewhere.

Jetpacks said...

"the jolly Yanks could dress up as Red Indians and build Disneyland out of tea"