February 22, 2007

First entrant for 2007’s Most Annoying Ad compo

I’ve become something of a discrete gum muncher during the course of my diet, and have really taken to the new-to-the-UK chewing gum Trident. The product is yummy, but it’s such a shame that its TV ad is so bloody irritating.

The Mastication For The Nation campaign is a confusing attempt at rustling up revolutionary fervour with some kind of reggae poetry. The idea sounds reasonable enough, but it’s such a pity that this gentle TV watcher feels compelled to visit extreme violence upon the over-spliffed character rather than work out what the ad is trying to say.
But maybe that's the point. Perhaps I'm supposed to hate the ad. Stroll along any British high street and you'll see teenagers masticating furiously. Assuming they're the target market, some bloke talking shit will appeal to teens who know full well that anything that annoys old farts like me must be cool. And "Mastication" easily transmogrifies into "Masturbation" in playground speak.
But that reggae feller... what a wanker.
Agency: JWT

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