April 13, 2009

Very fast food

Despite being responsible for one of the worst ads of 2008 (which still sometimes crops up on the telly), some of Specsavers' more recent ones have been weirdly good. 30-second TV ads are a good format for cheap visual gags if married to the right product. This one earned a belly laugh from that most critical viewer, Mrs Chimps.


Teenie said...

Pfft. Wish we got UK commercials over here.

Crabbit Copywriter said...

I was belly laughing at the telly too. I was guffawing so much someone from the kitchen poked their head through the door...

This is unusual for me, as I usually sit during the ad breaks shouting swear words at the TV because all the ads are so bad, much like that old drunken priest in Father Ted.

There has been a few good optician ads recently. I also like that TV ad where the pairs of eyes are exercising!