April 05, 2009

One of the most wicked marketing campaigns ever

Ignorance, being poorly informed and an argument from emotion are no excuse. Children are dying because of people like Jenny McCarthy.
Thankfully we in the UK have woken up to the evidence-free scaremongering of the MMR vaccine, despite the occasional air-brained hiccup from mouthy celebs playing the Mummy Card. Our media now realises that the vaccine is safe. We see the inevitable rise in the illnesses that MMR was meant to prevent as herd immunity is lost.
In the USA, Jenny McCarthy plays the Mummy, sorry, Mommy Card to the hilt. As she does so, children go unvaccinated and whatever emotive language she uses, nature resolutely ignores her and people die.
Life’s a bummer like that.
In Cloud Cuckoo Land, the baddies wear black hats and are always vanquished, fluffy bunnies frolic on green fields and children are never sick. This is where McCarthy spends her spare time.
Unfortunately Cloud Cuckoo Land rules do not apply to Planet Earth.
McCarthy is now peddling a new book and because she is An Angry Mom, she is soft-soaped by the media.
Here’s Time giving her the kid glove treatment.
Here’s a scientist’s view of the McCarthy campaign of destruction.
Here are the results of her handiwork.


Anonymous said...
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Catcher In The Rye said...

I agree with the above commenter.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

Looks like the spam goblins are back. Will have to readjust comments settings. Buggers.

Bonnie B Matheson said...

Keep researching this one, please. Science is only as right as "right now". It often takes years before mainstream medicine catches up to the latest truths. And each truth is only true as long as it is not proven wrong. Vaccines can be dangerous. Any doctor will tell you that is true.
The issue is "How many children is it ok to kill or seriously injure in order to keep the majority safe and healthy?" That is what is really happening here. And I do not know the answer. If I am the mother of a child who has lost his normal life, I would say NONE. It is not right to harm even one. But if I am speaking generally, I would say that vaccinations do more good than harm.
It is NOT an easy question.