February 15, 2008

One zombie ad too many

They've been on the telly for years. You know the ads... dead celebrities resurrected to sell. A bit like flogging a dead horse, but in reverse.
Even Mrs Chimps is getting fucked off with this one, Specsavers' clumsy attempt at humour using footage of Edith Piaf in the throes of her decline.
Oh ho ho ho, it's a bloody funny ad if you know nothing of Piaf, or the song being mistranslated. A fine bit of selling made to appeal to the stupid.
Wikipedia has a passable description of Piaf's traumatic life. If only someone with an ounce of culture at Specsavers had had the fucking brainwave to check what the song is about. Maybe they thought it's just a film of a sad old bat belting out a tune, Shirley Bassey-style, but in French.
What the film really shows is one of the 20th century's most remarkable characters, who had survived a series of personal tragedies, telling the world that she was still here, despite everything thrown in her path, and she is prepared to sweep all those memories away to start again.
Maybe nowadays it's ok to laugh at someone who's been dead a quarter of a century and turn her life into a joke, for the sake of selling cheap glasses.


Jetpacks said...

This is why you get a genius reading level.

George Parker said...

Jetpacks is right... I'm sure whoever created this found the footage on YouTube and thought they'd do a variation on the Hitler going apeshit, (Sorry Chimp) cos Chelsea lost, or someone stole his fucking game machine videos. Wankers.