January 09, 2009

Time for some smiting

It’s good to see that the atheist London bus campaign is seriously winding up the god botherers. Personally, I’m rather pissed off that nobody’s seen fit to promote the existence of simian godlike beings (cos let’s face it, I’m greater than God because I have the advantage of actually existing), in light of the fact that I’ve had the various aspects of the homophobic desert sky ghost thrust in my face since I was born on that volcano prior to a great eagle dropping the sword of destiny at my feet.
The fun bit happens now as the ASA decides whether to investigate the inevitable complaints or not. I’m looking forward to seeing how the ASA treats the claim that "There's probably no god" can be argued to be factually inaccurate or misleading.
Brand Republic is running a poll on the campaign (you may need to register to participate).
Pic nicked from Scamp, who has been banging the atheistic drum.

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