January 02, 2009

I’m glad this wasn’t in my Xmas stocking

I’m sticking with the same two resolutions as last January: no alcohol for half the year (i.e. no beer in the mornings), and try and stop swearing in this blog. Unfortunately, really shitty advertising still fucks up some decent telly watching, even at Christmas.
Here’s something from the arse end of midnight, shown between episodes of Father Ted.
I have to try really hard to understand who would buy this crap: several hours’-worth of stolen music accelerated to 100rpm with a duh-duh-duh beat. Oh, hang on, I was in Basildon last week – the chav capital of Essex and dammit, wasn’t it just this kind of noise I could hear from every other motor?
Incidentally, if you see two chavs in a car and there’s no music on, who’s driving? The Police.

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