December 13, 2007

Are they real?

Wars, murder and dead princesses can't keep the British media away from what they see as the biggest story of the week, even though false modesty prevents them from spelling it out plainly: are those really David Beckham's bollocks?
(I can only add one tiny insight into this intriguing tale: a witness - whom I cannot identify, because the wife will kill me - testifies that they really are that big.)
The hoohaa does confirm that sticking Becks in an ad still causes a buzz, although I am disappointed that he chose Armani. I believe David Beckham would be put to better use advertising Ferrero Rocher, because they come in a posh box.

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RFB said...

That last line was worth it.

Still laughing.

SchizoFishNChimps said...

I revel in others' pleasure

George Parker said...

Chimp... Fucking brilliant... Years ago I worked on a really bad mans cologne called "Yu" Kinda oriental. But the bottle was in a cedar box... So I suggested... "Yu... It come in a box!" No one got it WANKERS... I also did one for Micrin mouthwash... "bad breath speaks volumes, and they're all dirty books!" No one got that either... Should I think of a career change?