July 03, 2007

More cars doing silly things

What's with all this CGI on the telly? We see it used across every type of brand, but seldom is it more obvious than in car advertising. Yoda was more fun as a puppet, but became a laughing stock when computers made him whirl around like a 1 a.m. kebab in a stomach full of lager.
That's the trouble. We're drenched in CGI and are unamazed by it.
Euro RSCG's jolly campaign for the Citroen C3 has - here we go - cars flinging themselves around a virtual landscape behaving in ways that are so fantastic that the safety police can't claim that they'll cause irresponsible driving.
Actually, the C3 TV ad (wee cars behaving like dolphins in an unpolluted sea) is quite cute. But it is the second ad in eight months that has a car behaving like a submarine (the other was for the joyless, patent-porned Audi A6), so come on guys, change the record.
There's no excuse for relying on CGI for small cars. Their very smallness opens the creative box in ways that are harder for the biggies. You can have fun (Citroen C3), chic (Renault Clio), loveability (Ford Fiesta) and even security (VW Polo). It's more plausible to push a small car's feminine qualities and its economy too.
So why resort to make-believe?

Footnote: speaking of Citroen, look what happens when you enter "Citroen logo" in Google images.


Jetpacks said...

Those French chicks - man - they are so...sandy.

Doug said...

think they should get that badge on the next model.... :-)