July 18, 2007

End of term report

As you may already know, monkeys have been running the advertising industry for the last forty years, which is why this blog combines sector-specific articles with occasional smatterings of chimpness. The smut content is the glue that holds it all together.
If you think this is all nonsense, then consider that Chimp Media Monitoring is currently the UK's #2 advertising blog, according to that rascally puppy Scamp.
This post is aimed at the hairy 15% of regular readers who want to keep tabs of the chimp invasion, which doesn't sound quite that improbable when you squint and look at our new prime minister or Boris Johnson. Hell, just look at the US President.
Anyway, here's what's new.

Smart arse scientists believe the human gait is more efficient than that of chimps. You just keep thinking that when Bobo jumps out of a tree and rips your arms off.

Chimps are using gadgets and social networking tools. Until recently, "the Flickr technique" referred to the efficient method of tossing poo at small children in zoos.
Thanks to Official Chimp Chum (Membership #2201), Bill, for the link.

And from The Guardian this week (so it must be true), watch out for the Giant Lion-Eating Chimps of The Congo.

Finally, a bit of film from the Monkey Army Training Video. Here you see a queue of cars waiting to enter Longleat Safari Park on a day when Sergeant Bobo is demonstrating his combat technique to a novice.

(Actually a clip from Trigger Happy TV)

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Scamp said...

Thanks for posting that clip. Bleedin' hilaarious!