June 05, 2006

Still no f*cking sex please, we’re British

There's one of those lovely Men vs Women debates going on at Why Advertising Sucks, which at least shows some passion, lucky old them. Meanwhile, things clearly aren't hot enough for most people in Britain, where nearly half of women have a lower sex drive than they would like, and 60% of whom think they are fat. I’m surprised that this figure is so low as I’ve yet to meet a woman who was happy with her body shape. Maybe having so many depressed women around is having an adverse effect on British men, 30% of whom have not had sex in the last 12 months. Maybe there’s another study somewhere showing that 30% of British men are ugly, but I haven’t found it (maybe they’re all in McDonald’s gorging on those extra large Big Macs).
What makes it worse is that most men in the US and Australia are sexually active, with Canadians being the most randy.
Trust the Aussies to come up with a solution. Research by the unfeasibly attractive (especially for a boffin) Dr Pearl Martin, pictured, has found that drinking caffeine makes people more open to persuasion. Here’s proof that inviting someone back for a coffee is more than just a cliché.

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