August 12, 2008

Steven Berkoff - scary fucker

Damn my timing. I went into WH Smith and asked the woman behind the counter if they sold bereavement cards. She said Yes, so I enquired whether I could get one in exchange for the Get Well Soon card I'd bought yesterday.
She was very nice about it, and I had been wondering how many cards I'd get if it was me who suffered a heart attack. Barely fuck all, if my annually diminishing birthday card tally was anything to go by. Mrs Chimps might do better. She has the body of an eighteen year old. It's starting to stink up the fridge though.
Ah fuck it, that's enough shite joking. This is the much-heralded "Watch your own heart attack" from the British Heart Foundation that aired on ITV last night. Brand Republic reports it achieved 6.5 million viewers, which is one hell of an achievement.
It scared the bejesus out of me - there's something undiminishingly eerie about Steven Berkoff - and the appeal against the "I don't want to cause a fuss" mentality is spot on.

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