August 11, 2008

Listen to Magic FM. It’s just like being dead

Jeez, here’s proof that if you ask a numpty to do a job, then you’ll get numpty work. As if to prove that you can’t find anything less original than a discerning radio listener of saddo middle of the road mum music, Magic FM asked its listeners to dream up ideas for its marketing campaign. A pity then that the winner was someone who probably has one foot in the grave, having manufactured an image familiar to those who guffawed through the laugh-a-minute 1957 Ingmar Bergman movie, The Seventh Seal.
The poster campaign is called “Good mood”. If you’re baffled and thinking “so what?”, then take a glance at the happy fellow leading the pack in the black & white snap. Yes, Death really is this fun. Chess, anyone?


Rob Mortimer said...

I hate Magic fm with a burning fucking passion... its everything that is wrong with local radio; with the humour stripped out and any soul that was left filtered into some kind of retrogazing ignorant unbelievely lifeless bollocks.

(Welcome back :) )

FishNChimps said...

cheers fella

Michael said...

Yeah, welcome back! Quite frustrating it was to keep checking to see if... Hope you had a good stay away from the chimps.
And we don't receive Magic fm out here (fortunately I'd say).
MvO in Amsterdam

Make the logo bigger said...

Yeah, cheers. Don’t ever do it again. I only do one eulogy per departed blog.

FishNChimps said...

yeah, dead blogs don't always stay dead