April 18, 2008

Sit: normal. Brain: fckd

Typical. Another wretched eye infection on a day when my monkey hordes are out on projects means that I’m in my basement media centre while high on painkillers. Luckily it’s poets day and I have very few visitors, which is good because I keep saying “fuck!” a lot. I just hope my mum doesn’t ring.
When I return to Giraffe Towers on Monday (hopefully cured), I’ll watch this O2 ad again and find that it simply shows a lovey dovey couple communicating with each other over a great distance. I hope that’s the case because I’m sure that right now what I’m seeing is a psychedelic nightmare featuring rampaging teddy bears, invading frogs and multiple moons. What the fuck does this vision mean? I’m fucking high on pethidine tablets, that’s what. No sane person would make an ad like that, would they?


Andrea said...

Psychedelic. The longer it is, the more uncanny it gets. I can see children staring blankly into TV screens and mass hypnosis!

I'd be scared of this upon arriving home at 2 in the morning. There has to be a whoissmokingnow.co.uk website as source of inspiration for all this though..

George Parker said...

Yeah, I saw this last week when I was over there getting fucked up at "Under the Influence" What the fuck does it mean, besides spending a shitload of money. I see thet're also running the shit out of the $1,000 million Guinness. 99% of what I saw on the telly, when I was sober, sucked... That includes the programing... Pop stars, quizzes and food shows... Boring... Had a great time though, from what I remember.