April 23, 2008

The circus comes to town

It was off to the WWE wrestling again last week as I indulged Chimplet #1 in his favourite craze, this time at the O2. The events are perfectly pitched for the adolescent mentality with its mix of heroes and villains, long-running storylines, acrobatics and women with massive tits. That last bit always gets my attention as the wrestling divas get it on. Gorgeous women fighting… it was even better than the midget beating the shit out of someone in the ring. Christ, that last sentence sounds like a bad night at Gary Glitter’s Cambodian hideaway.
Here’s the thing that I just don’t get: grown-up chavs getting high on WWE. I swear they think the whole thing’s a real sport. I think the British demographic is the equivalent of US rednecks. There was evidence of some serious inbreeding in the audience. The security guards were confiscating banjoes at the front doors.
Take a look at the picture. Note the glimmer of digital- and phone-cameras as The Undertaker approaches the ring. These people spent the entire night taking pictures and (illegally) filming it. That’s nearly four hours of standing in a spot that cost £45 looking at a tiny digital screen instead of watching what they bloody well paid for! Someone please explain!
Here's a just-retired wrestler selling you financial products. Turn up the volume to enjoy. Would you borrow money from this man?

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Rachel and Debbie said...

fookin hilarious when i was younger i was really into all this stuff, hardy boys, kane, undertaker, and its hardly changed since except its become more and more unbelievable but its all good fun, it is worrying tho how long people spend looking at their tiny little screens. isnt a memory of an event ten time better than a miniscule grainy image of what you could have seen in full. hmmm gives me an idea.... haha thanks for the inspiration!

FishNChimps said...

These fellas have very peculiar shapes that simply cannot be appreciated on a screen. Looking mean just doesn't cut it when you're 20 stone and wearing a leotard, no matter how cool your hat is.