February 04, 2008

Frank knows

It’s said that a liberal is someone who hasn’t been burgled yet. Fortunately, I’ve never been there (apart from having entertained the occasional thieving builder), but I have still turned into a raging intolerant fascist. I’ve noticed a similar thing happening amongst my peers when they went through the same life-changing event: the birth of their first child.
Suddenly, The Country Has Gone To The Dogs.
The solution: Install More Speed Cameras, All Paedophiles Must Be Castrated, and All Drug Dealers Will Hang.
Our junkie Golf GTi-driving priest went right to the top of my shit list.
The long-running “Frank” drug-awareness campaign has long baffled me, but I (kind of) get it. Having listened to a drugs counsellor talk about drugs and teenagers, I realise that these ads are a well considered attempt at talking teen.
The greatest danger (I was informed) is not curiosity, but peer pressure. One of the most effective counters is the threat to self esteem. This Frank PSI, currently airing on British telly, demonstrates how drugs can make you look stupid, rather than just preaching the obvious message that they can kill.

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