February 27, 2008

France invades Germany. Then you wake up.

Citroen is German at heart, you know.
I wanted to hate this yet-to-be-released ad, but so good is it to see so much brass neck on display, that I can't help but raise a quiet eyebrow in appreciation. This is a triple whammy as 1. Euro RSCG (home of the Conservative Party, for heaven's sake) make a really good ad; 2. There's a slight suggestion that they referred to Renault's recent France v Britain campaign for inspiration; and 3. There's the bold assertion that France can compete with the German stereotype of aristocratic mechanical efficiency.
Well, what the heck, it was nice of the French to build such nice wide leafy boulevards so the Germans could march in the shade.

via utalkmarketing, who have an impressive archive of ads on YouTube.


Charles Frith said...

Great ad. Definitely homoerotic sparring, onanist standard bearing and hetero-wurst-shots in there too.

Fucking brilliant really.

Rob Mortimer said...

That is some great thinking, and quite a brave campaign really. To publicly accept the best qualities of your main competitors.

Whether it will work is another thing...

The Kaiser said...

Cue George Parker.

Scamp said...

So the voiceover guy confidently announces "The new Citroen C5. Unmistakably German." But if he knows the car is a Citroen, why did he think it was from Germany?

Then a beat later, he adds, in a confused tone "... made in France." But why would he be surprised that a Citroen is made in France? And if he knows it's made in France, why would he earlier have described it as unmistakably German?

I like the ad though.

FishNChimps said...

That's the French for you.