September 03, 2007

Shock as Cadbury uses gorilla advertising

C'mon, of course I was going to feature this. It's got a freakin' monkey in it, and it's about chocolate. What's not to like?
Friday evening saw the passing of the latest series of that moronic waste of time, Big Brother, but it also heralded the breaking of this ad by Fallon and Publicis (please - no accusations of favouritism here from those who know me), with a nice piss-take of Dad Rock. I particularly liked Brand Republic's header for this story "Cadbury risks Phil Collins revival with gorilla drummer", but I also like the tacit acknowledgement that this brand is enjoyed by blokes as well as women. In the past, Dairy Milk's advertising has been either feminine or gender neutral. This is an ad for lads of the Nuts generation. Seemingly pointless, but funny.
Campaign's Private View is gonna hate it.


Charles Edward Frith said...

Great headline. Hadn't occurred to me :)

onewomanrunning said...

I loved it! I saw it and I thought of you, and then I wondered about inter-species dating - that primate is hot!

It's a great track, but I was really surprised it was a Cad' ad, given the state of their idents on Corrie. Took some balls.

Yet another ad that made me feel good when I was feeling crap. Time to cancel the therapist...