September 19, 2007

Love the hate

I'm muchly enjoying the waterfall of vitriol gushing from ADam - Creative Director, spotted in Copyranter's link haze last week. Utterly hysterical.
Random quote:

"Adam spends the morning letching over a female freelancer who is wearing jeans lower than a crackhead’s morals. So low, in fact, her clitoris pops out like a puppy dog’s nose hiding in a travel bag."
Required reading for anyone foolish enough to want to get into advertising.


Toad said...

Been debating if that site is real or some sort of takeoff on The Office done in blog form.

Still not sure, but the part about them calling him "General" makes me think parody.

FishNChimps said...

Good point, as I was wondering at what point "ADam" gets wind of the site and fires the blogger.

LimitedTimeOffer said...

What happened to this site? ADam appears to have been axed.