September 29, 2008


I love this - it's an interactive zombie movie. It has a slightly retro feel, seeing as this sort of game was all the rage in arcades about a decade ago. I suppose the innovative thing is that it's on the web.
Still, I'm a sucker for zombies. Many moons ago I did try and persuade a feminist girlfriend that a chap liking zombies was a sign of enlightenment because it meant he went for her brains rather than her looks, but she wasn't having any of it.


william said...

Speaking as a self-proclaimed zombie aficionado, it's likely no movie will ever surpass the brilliance of the original Night of the Living Dead, but Undead may vary well take its place right behind it at #2 on my all time favorite zombie films! Does it exude the subtle social commentary that the 'Dead' trilogy did? Probably not, though it does challenge the notion of stereotypes a bit. What it does give us is an amazingly original story, great characters, dazzling special effects, superb acting, and just the right amount of humor.
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FishNChimps said...

Agreed, but the original Dawn of the Dead was my first zombie film and is to me the best of the lot.