April 30, 2008

Arses twinned with elbows

Chimplet #3 is seven years old; she still loves fluffy toys, anything in pink, and her favourite form of locomotion is skipping. So far there has been no request to buy GTA4 or imbibe alcohol; nor is there an inclination to swear at her teachers. This must mean that's she's at odds with the majority of Britain's children who, if you believe the Daily Mail, are turning our landscape into something resembling the set of Full Metal Jacket.
She has noticed and shrugged off the fuss over her idol Miley Cyrus' apparently obscene photoshoot in Vanity Fair, something which is causing me to scratch my head.
The interesting thing about the story is the implied disapproval from Disney, Cyrus' ultimate boss, who I can't really believe care about underage girls posing provocatively in photos. After all, it's OK for Disney to plaster pics of an even younger female model in her underwear over the billboards of Beijing.
On an entirely unrelated note, you can buy Disney products at Tesco, who have an equally erratic moral compass.

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