May 01, 2008

Today's new word: clunge

I'm mortified that I had to look this one up, but "clunge" is one of the myriad of slang words referring to a woman's toilet bits. I hope the IT monkeys don't spot that search in their url log.
This emerged from another Private Eye article ripping into Sky News' lazy use of viewers' photos to enhance its website (ref: the glorious e-vandalism surrounding the Spring storms coverage).
So... here we go again. Here's another gallery of rogue images that Sky posted on its website, unaware of the photoshopped mischief. The theme this time: The London Marathon.

Beyond the minge

Fergal probably has a beard too


One foot in the grave

Some images pinched from a rather good journalism blog; others ripped from bulletin board cache files.

1 comment:

pisspoorenglish said...

Tron = brilliance.

Never heard of clunge.It's like a mix of clit, minge and cunt all in one. Which would make it probably the single most offensive word in existence.