May 22, 2009

Greenpeace top another week of angst-driven class war shaftings

My bonny fido working class sensibilities (lower class aristocracy, born in a barn etc), worn invisibly on my Primark-clad sleeve are being metaphorically burned Chinesely by a week of observations from the class war front line. We have the assorted oiks in the House of Commons caught red-handed with their hairy fists deep in the pockets of Joe Public in a shameless reach-around that coincides with the long-term effects of the eye-watering rear end shafting from the bankers. Less metaphorically, Irish Catholic priests have been exposed after decades perverting a US Marine motto by ensuring that No Boy’s Behind Is Left.
Yes, a bad week for the ruling and privileged classes.
To further offend your eyes with painfully poor metaphors, a couple of loosely-marketing-related class war stories have also thoroughly pissed me off. This time, the culprits are the squeaky-bottomed middle classes (thus described by the observation that those who are most sanctimonious are identifiable by the sucked-in lower lip and clenched buttock look – you really can’t swipe a credit card through the crack when they’re in full flow) who have been thrusting their angst-driven ethics down our throats in a manner that would have choked Linda Lovelace to death.
In one case, death is really on the cards as the effects of the anti-MMR vaccine campaign manifest themselves with a measles outbreak. Lest we forget, the UK experience is a mirror of a yummy-mummy campaign in the US led by Jenny McCarthy (see the body count on the right), always cheer-led by those with an innate distrust of science.
I’ve just looked on the TGI survey and observe that distrust of regular medicine, appreciation of alternative medicine (better described as alternative to medicine), and anti-GM sentiments are heavily correlated with the B and C1 sociodemographic. Yup, that just shows you what an education does when combined with an empty head.

So, what has four legs and a cunt halfway up its back? A Greenpeace campaigner on his high horse. Yes, it’s the Plant More Trees But Kill The Pesky Foreign Peasants group back again, this time railing against genetically modified rice.
Christ, just to shut these fuckers up, let’s kill GM right now. That way, we can ensure the Malthusian Economic Model is verified in the deaths of millions of Third World peasants. Shit, you wouldn’t want all that barren, pest-riddled land used to grow food that’ll make them darn foreigners have more babies, would you? And let’s waste more arable land to grow the less-reliable organic lentils that the Greenpissers sprinkle on their Bran Flakes.
Admittedly, this single ad does touch on the one weak point in the pro-GM argument, which is the control of the technology by the biotech firms. After all, you don’t want those friendly food brand logos replaced with biotech ones, eh? But, and it’s head-slap time here, isn’t the obvious solution to allow foreign governments (I’m speaking of those governments in developing world countries that get it in the neck from the Western anti-GM campaigners again) to introduce farmer-friendly legislation that’ll feed their own people with nutrient-rich GM? But no, that’s taboo, and the High Priests of Greenpeace would rather you give them your donations while you bend over and pray.


Anonymous said...

Awesome rant sir. I tip my hat in your general direction.

anon|nona said...

yes, an awesome rant. though mixing vaccines and gm products is a bit far fetched. vaccines help people not becoming ill or die. which is clearly a good thing.

but where is the argument for gm food when it comes to saving lives?

two points:

1. there are no long term studies if gm food can harm humans or how gm is influencing the environment. we all know how high the hurdles for medicine are, how long new medicine has to undergo studies.

2. gm food planted is not as fruitful as it was promised. infact, the plants tend to mutate so the harvest is about as much or less than with regular non-gm plants. plus, it is quite hard to sell corn cobs that don't look like ones (i suggest a broad read up on south american conditions. or india for rice plants.) so how is this helping third world countries and their starving population?

there are clearly things that could help, but i do not think that gm food has anything to do with it. in fact, i think gm food is dragging 3rd world countries even more down.

so now you tell me why you are so full of support of gm food, if you want.

i also suggest to read about the work and issues of vandana shiva. also, i think to catch up on monsanto (for n. american practices towards farmers too) might be helpful.

furthermore, i would like to add that biotech companies can theoretically claim ownership of anything where their patent-registered genome is detected. that is a point to think about, isn't it.

disclaimer: i am neither a campaigner nor a member of greenpeace

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Pressed Rat and Wart Hog said...

Great post. You left out the South American cholera epidemic in the 1990's which was started by Greenpeace's campaign against drinking water chlorination. About 13,000 dead from that one. And then there is the interference in Africa with the introduction of modern farming techniques that have caused how many to die of starvation?

GMO of course has had many successes - drowned out of course by the Greenpeace propaganda machine - look up Papaya Ringspot Virus for an example, What Greenpeace doesn't tell you is that GM crops require less tilling, reducing soil erosion, less herbicides and less pesticides. Yields are better reducing the amount of land that needs to be under cultivation (less deforestation and less desertification).

So yes hop on the Greenpeace wagon if you like disease and starvation.

anon|nona said...

it makes a lot of fucking sense not to hop on any bandwagon. greenpeace, genetic engineering, weapons of mass destruction, terrorists and what else there is. it would be rather stupid to just swallow all the shit you are getting served instead of using your brain a little. i suppose we all agree on this one.